The series comprises educational and discursive webinars held on a variety of related topics, with the additional aims to share best practice examples and inspire open dialogue between multidisciplinary team members and their patients.

Here you will find discussion summaries and expert speaker podcasts from the series, as well as a special film developed in collaboration with PHA Europe on the value of peer-to-peer mentoring.

We encourage the resources to be shared with healthcare professionals and patient group representatives that may benefit from learning more about these topics.

Episode 1

patient group image
Patient groups are only set up to support the over 30s
Danijela Pešić, founder and president of PHA Serbia, discusses how patient groups can unlock the ‘fighting’ spirit of and engage young people living with PAH in their activities

Episode 2

mental health image
Mental health in PH: not our responsibility?
David Gilbert presents his personal experiences of living with mental health issues, as well as his professional reflections on managing mental health within a clinical setting

Episode 3

peer-to-peer image
Peer-to-peer mentoring is equally valuable as physician advice
Gerry Fischer, Hans-Dieter Kulla and Hall Skåra from PHA Europe discuss the importance of peer-to-peer mentoring and how patient groups can take an active role in organising and facilitating mentoring for members

Episode 4

peer-to-peer image
Intimacy and PH
Nurse practitioner Wendy Hill discusses the critical issues of intimacy, pregnancy and contraception in relation to pulmonary arterial hypertension (PH) patients

Episode 5

beyond-the-basics image
Beyond the Basics: a PAH nurse-patient communications initiative
Martha Kingman, a nurse practitioner in the PH clinic at UT Southwestern Medical Centre, shares an overview of the Beyond the Basics training program, which aims to improve communication between people living with PH and their holistic healthcare team

Episode 6

dumbing down image
Should we "dumb down" our language for PH patients? Exploring health literacy in practice
Kristine Sorensen, founding director of the Global Health Literacy Academy in Denmark, provides an overview of health literacy; addressing why it is important and the challenges in its implementation

Episode 7

motivation icon image
What is motivational interviewing and how can it be used in brief consultations with PH patients?
Damian Edwards, Senior Cognitive Behavioral Trainer, introduces the concept of motivational interviewing and discusses a number of techniques that can be applied in consultations with PH patients